The AsiaMe website is for Asian men and women looking for a spouse all their life. They exist since 1998 and seem to have reached a millennium. It’s an exceptional service that includes everyone including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

Pros and Cons of using

asiame dating review


The site has a long history, which means many years of experience. The most effective means of protection against harmful behavior and manual verification by users are available. McAfee and GoDaddy securely store personal data, including credit card information. The filter helps you find the best match in a few clicks, and more communication options provide a positive experience for users.


You may have to wait up to a week to check a new profile and start using the service. Another disadvantage is the design of the website. It looks very old and uncomfortable.

What is for?

The service initially had been focusing on people with leisure, communication or social networking problems to meet interested people online. However, now it focuses on love and family relationships.

Who uses the service?

The service is for singles around the world who love Asian singles. There is plenty of Japanese woman over 40, so the chances to find a Japanese wife are high.

Ease of use

asiame review

The site is very easy to navigate. There’s even an Android application available. It is available in three languages: German, French, and English. The home page presents the latest news, as well as various discounts, and the service is mentioned in the media. In the upper right-hand side, there is a registration form. There is no registration option on Facebook, which means that registration and verification may take some time. The registration process has no options on Facebook or Google Plus. You must enter the information manually, which adds credibility to the service.

Once the forms are completed, new users are redirected to the verification process. The new member of the site must always be approved. Let you know that your account will be reviewed and verified in a few days. However, the email check takes place immediately after registration and takes a few minutes. The Google Inbox filters AsiaMe’s email for promotion, spam or any other file, which is a good sign.

How to use

Despite the verification process of the e-mail, it is not possible to use the service without manual verification by our support team. The notification e-mail will allow new users to benefit from the full suite of online services.


Each registered customer must read and accept the customer protection policy which contains several restrictions. This includes prejudicial or deceptive behavior, lack of honesty and other forms of abuse. Manual verification enables the platform to be one of the safest in the world.


Updated on Mar 2023

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